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The Wi-Fi Channel Spread application was developed to be a small tool that lets you visualize the spread of Wi-Fi access points across the available Wi-Fi channels, the amount of potential co-channel interference and the geolocation of the access points as known by Google.
Access Points are displayed across 5 channels. Interference inevitably does spread that wide, because the channel frequencies overlap (even more so than visualized, see diagram below). Ideally you should choose a channel that provides an exclusive use of the center channel and 4 adjacent channels. (e.g. you could choose to only use channels 1, 6 and 11 as seen in the corporate network screenshot)


Download > https://urlin.us/2sn9OB

Download > https://urlin.us/2sn9OB






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This visualization tool aims to provide a summarized view to the user about the usage of channels on different access points. Currently it only supports the 5 channels that are available in your area.
I hope that the average Wi-Fi user might benefit of this visual tool and by using it together with your Wi-Fi network setting, you are more aware of the current channel usage and thus can choose a suitable channel for the usage of your Wi-Fi network.

QR-code Scanner (defaults to the handy default app called QR Tag on the Android)
Google Chromecast.
WiFi Analyzer 3.2

Channel Channels:

How to use it:
The Wi-Fi Channel Spread Product Key application will continuously update the visualized Wi-Fi in a unique and simple manner. Depending on the connection strength you have, the visualization can either update dynamically or you can also update the visualization manually by using the slider in the upper right corner of the interface.

Hope you find this small tool useful!


I personally use the open source software:



3rd Party Apps:

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Wi-Fi Channel Spread Free

– Shows the current Wi-Fi channels as they are displayed by the Android Wi-Fi extension.
– Shows the Wi-Fi channel availability and availability/interference levels.
– List the available access points of the commercial networks that can currently be found in your current WiFi situation.
– Shows the proximity to Google’s Wi-Fi database of each access point to give you an impression of the current localization.
– Shows the official channels assigned by governments and the maximum channel width for the 5 available channels.
– Tracks your home network or work access points. To do that, you will first need to install the app on your Wi-Fi networked devices.
– Lets you create your own home or work network with your custom channels (see below). The app automatically scans your mobile network for those channels.
– Shows the current channels set for the device in the settings menu.
– Shows the current Wi-Fi network settings (like encryption/frequency, SNR and RSSI) which were set by the application. You can overwrite any of those settings.
– Shows the current mobile network settings (like network type, network name and APN) which were set by the Android Wi-Fi extension. You can overwrite any of those settings.
– Shows the current access point names which were set by the Android Wi-Fi extension.
– Shows current mobile network configurations which were set by the Android Wi-Fi extension.
– Shows the current wireless card MAC addresses of your device.
– Shows the current radio interface and radio frequency.
– Shows the custom channels currently used for your access points in the device’s Wi-Fi Settings.
– Shows the maximum channel width for each access point.
– Shows the range value of each channel (measured in kilometres).
– Shows the channel numbers to use in the Android settings for the device’s Wi-Fi settings.
– Shows the location of each access point found on the device.
– Changes the channels you are using and the channel width for all access points found on the device.
– Resets all settings for the entire network. (The app cannot find access points with the Android Wi-Fi extension)
– Configures or changes the channels to be used for the device’s Wi-Fi settings.
– Configures or changes the channels to be used for your home or work network.

If you run out of available Wi-Fi channels for your access points, you can use the following

Wi-Fi Channel Spread Crack+ With License Key

The builded application displays a list of access points shown on a 5×5 field of the map with 5 Wi-Fi channels.
An additional column for you to add more access points to the list and then sending them to Google for their geolocation.

Disclaimer:The program is in development and is not finished yet. In order to simplify the data, it is only using the android GPS coordinates of a fix list. Therefore in rare cases it might not be exact. All data sent to Google is private data.

The builded application is for private use only. No redistribution of this application is allowed. After downloading the application please delete it (re-installation is not necessary).


On my device this application is displayed here, but I am unable to switch my location into my WiFi network network. Therefore I can not send the coordinates of the access point displayed here to Google.

For more information, please use the GitHub FAQ:

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What’s New In Wi-Fi Channel Spread?

– Generates a map showing access points by channel. Channels are shown only as wide as needed for an optimum view. Each access point is a hexagon and its color indicates the respective channel. The in-between bands are gray or white (no access points).
– Click on an access point to get more info. For example, you can find out which channels it is in use.
– You can also go to the access point’s location (geolocation). You can see a snapshot of the channel allocation that was available when the access point was found, that describes which center channel the access point was mapped to. Additionally you get the range of channels this access point could be in use and if any other access points interfered (not co-channel interference).
– The Wi-Fi channel spread application can display either of the two following overlays. Only one of them is enabled in any given moment, depending on the configuration of the app and if any of the overlays is enabled.
– The channel map overlay can be scaled smaller or larger to create the most suitable view of the displayed Wi-Fi channels. You can also zoom in/out by using the controls at the top right corner of the screen.
– The interference map overlay can be scaled smaller or larger to create the most suitable view of the displayed access points. You can also zoom in/out by using the controls at the top right corner of the screen.
– There are four different points of interest:

The map of accessible Wi-Fi channels

The access points in the selected area

The position of selected access points

The channel map overlay

How to use Wi-Fi Channel Spread:
– (Click on) “Start” to generate the map. The overlay is not generated in a web browser – but directly in your mobile device.
– (Click on) “Refresh” to load new data if already a map was generated.
– (Click on) “Refresh all” to generate a map as soon as new data is available.
– (Click on) an access point to get more information.
– (Click on) the button next to the channel which is currently shown for the access point. That button will show the respective information about the access point. For example, the clicking on the “channel map” button will generate the channel map overlay.
– The channel map overlay can be interacted with (e.g. can be clicked on to highlight it


System Requirements:

Recommended Requirements:
Certificate Level Requirements:
Minimum Requirements:
Experience with designing and implementing a dashboard with the following capability:
Ability to create a clear visual display
Ability to add functionality to the dashboard such as charts and graphs
Ability to update the visualization based on the user’s actions on the page
Desired Requirements: