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Turnwin Alarm Clock is a professional and easy-to-use alarm clock software designed for Windows. It lets users set an alarm, set a wake-up reminder and more. It has a beautifully designed User Interface and can be customized. It supports many different languages, and its design is inspired by the stunning theme.
With Turnwin Alarm Clock, users can set the 12-hour format as well as the 24-hour format. It has a rich variety of functions including the Set Alarm, Set Wake-Up Reminder, Set Quiet Time and Set Snooze Time. There are also many other powerful features like the Count Down Timer, Count Up Timer, Disable, System Tray clock icon, etc.
The user interface is very well designed and supports many different languages. Users can customize various important details such as the home page, the text font, text color, background color, count up timer, count down timer, snooze timer, and other features like date display, quiet time, and many more.
All the alarms will stop at the user-defined quiet time.
Each day can be set as a quiet time, where no alarms can be set.
There are eight Different Type of Alarm Sounds(Songs), and five different types of quiet time alarms.
The sound can be changed to music if the user wants to.
There are many variations of alarm sound, custom sound, quiet time and many other settings.
Sleeping position can be chosen as either the left or right side of the bed.
Customizable text settings make this program easy to use, and well designed.
Additional features:
The program can be set to display the date, or any combination of the 12-hour format and the 24-hour format
The program can be set to display the time, date, or both
The user can select many different display options for the time and date
The alarm clock can be set to sound an alarm at a different time each morning
The day of the week can be set to be displayed on the alarm clock and the 12-hour or 24-hour format can be set
The alarm can be set to be triggered for a different number of times each morning
The alarm can be set to be displayed in the right or the left side of the screen
The alarm can be set to be displayed in the upper or lower left corner of the screen
The alarm can be set to be displayed in the upper or

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* Free basic malware scanner to detect any kind of malware on your computer.
* Sysinternals WinAqua, Winlogon, WinHelp, Pslogs and LSSocks utilities are included.
* Detects remote control software, also known as RAT.
* Detects rogue Processes and Task Manager processes.
* Detects Win32, Linux, WinNt and DOS files.
* Detects Win32 MS Office and Access related files.
* Detects Autorun and Live Autorun files.
* Detects malicious Windows file extensions, malicious Windows icon and shortcuts.
* Detects malicious Windows OS filetypes.
* Detects malicious Windows shortcuts.
* Detects malicious Task Manager process.
* Detects malicious Microsoft email signature and email attachments.
* Detects malicious Windows program, software and Internet browser files.
* Detects malicious Windows ISO and Windows ZIP files.
* Detects malicious Windows support files, DLL files, IOSDLL files, SYS files, OCX files, OLE files.
* Detects malicious Windows games.
* Detects malicious.exe,.bat,.cmd files.
* Detects malicious Windows DNS Service.
* Detects malicious Windows startup images.
* Detects malicious Windows Start menus.
* Detects malicious Windows system files.
* Detects malicious Windows URLs.
* Detects malicious Windows startup services.
* Detects malicious Windows system services.
* Detects malicious Windows file attributes.
* Detects malicious Windows header files and icons.
* Detects malicious Windows messages.
* Detects malicious Windows files.
* Detects malicious Windows registry key and values.
* Detects malicious Windows configuration files.
* Detects malicious Registry keys.
* Detects malicious Windows log files.
* Detects malicious Windows paths.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt variables.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt environment variables.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt functions.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt keywords.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt arguments.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt history.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt history files.
* Detects malicious Windows command prompt history tree.
* Detects malicious Windows process command line arguments.
* Detects malicious Windows process command line arguments in batch files.
* Detects malicious Windows


Winaptic is a fast and neat media player to play music from local and remote folders, as well as network shares. Its interface is minimalistic and allows you to play and manage your music. It also gives you easy access to tons of other types of multimedia files, including video, audios, DVDs, and CD-ROMs. Its pure simplicity is one of the best things it has to offer.
Winaptic is a lightweight and efficient media player. It allows you to play and manage your music. It gives you access to media files from local and network sources as well as from portable devices, like USB drives and CDs.
A simple player for creating powerful playlists
In conclusion, Winaptic is a fast, easy and easy to use application that provides you with extensive control over your digital music collection. It enables you to search and locate files via playlists. Moreover, it has an incredibly simple interface which in no time will allow you to get started.
The application comes with excellent help and offers numerous features that are quite useful. They are rich media playlists, multiroom playback, playlists with application integration and output options, as well as support for password protecting Winaptic’s interface for the best control over your music.
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A DirectX 9 graphics card or above with 3D acceleration support.
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