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XNA C# Tiled rendering with a simple, short animation

I am rendering a static image of a building using a Tiled map, it’s resolution is 1920×1080 (widthxheight).
I want to animate some windows and doors using short, simple animations, so I can’t use scripts, so what is the best way to do this? I don’t want it to be too complicated as I’ve seen people make very complex scripts and it can be very time consuming for the artist if they have to animate something and they need to make an animation for each element. So the only method I can think of for these two types of elements is a group of numbers between -1 and 1 and then one keyframe which is -1 and 1 and then the final image.
Also is it possible to use the same tileset for the entire building as well as the animations? I only want the animation to start when the player is inside the building and is moving, they don’t need to see it.


I did this for my game, and this is what I did to achieve it:

First of all, when dealing with things like animation, it’s important to have a good understanding of key frames and animation curves.
It’s also good practice to create animations that cover all the frames of the animation.
Another good practice, at least in my case, is to use a repeating, short animation to animate a model.
So I created a script that created a function that changes the y position of a model.
This works like this:
void Update ()
transform.Y += 1;

In the same way, you can create an animation for something else, like a door.
This works like this:
void Update ()
if (transform.position.y == y)
// Animation logic here.
// Your default animation here.

Finally, a function can be used to change the y position of eea19f52d2

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