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When working in a closed computer network, it is important to be able to communicate with others fast and secure. Using an online instant messaging software could be risky, as information sent over the Internet can be intercepted and decoded.
Moreover, if you do not have any Internet connection, you need a chat application capable of working in a closed LAN environment.
WinSent could come in handy, as it offers a reliable solution to instant messaging other computers that are connected to your LAN.
Fast contact creation
The application scans your LAN for any existing connected computers, allowing you to personalize each one by adding a recipient name and group, so you can easily identify your contacts by their name, and not the computer they work at.
You can easily send messages to a contact by typing its name in the search box, then entering the message you need to deliver.
Extensive message archive
WinSent saves all the messages you send and receive, giving you the possibility to keep a backup of all your sent and received IMs.
Furthermore, the program features a dependable filter that allows you to search any conversation that you had with a certain contact.
All you have to do is to enter the approximate date of your desired conversation and the contact name that participated to it. WinSent will display a list with all the messages that took place between the starting and ending dates.
A reliable LAN instant messaging application
WinSent gives you the chance to communicate with your workgroup without having to connect to the Internet, thus offering increased security and fast connections.









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Find out why over 1.2 million people rely on WinSent Full Crack for their instant messaging needs with the comprehensive features listed above and more below:
• Application updates.
WinSent Product Key has been written to be compatible with all new versions of Windows, automatically updating itself to deliver the latest features and enhancements
• Conversation backup.
Keep a backup copy of every message you send and receive in case you need to restore your lost messages from the most recent backup.
• Search for messages.
Find a message by typing the recipient name, or searching for one with a filter.
• Start a new conversation.
Start a new instant message with the specified recipient name, and add as many users to the conversation as you want
• Personalize contacts.
Add names, groups, and categories to each of your contacts, so you will be able to quickly identify them when they join your conversation
• Message history.
Have full control over the message history, with a customized date range.
• Schedule a message.
Set reminders for each message sent so you can get in touch with someone later.
• Select language.
Choose any language for your messages
Why should you use WinSent Crack Keygen?
There are a number of reasons why it is important to use a reliable instant messaging application for your company or home PC that has it’s own chat room.
• It’s safer.
There is no need to send personal information through a software that you are unsure of, i.e. it prevents data loss.
• It is flexible.
You can send a message to someone who is using a different computer.
• You can be assured of security.
Send messages without worrying about them being intercepted
• The software is easy to use.
As already mentioned, it’s easy to personalize each user and add your own categories, making the application much more user-friendly
• If it’s a family computer, you can share the same account as the rest of the family.
No more resetting individual accounts, it’s all done from a single account
• If you are using a dial-up connection, you can manage your conversations easily
Why should you use WinSent Crack For Windows?
There are a number of reasons why it is important to use a reliable instant messaging application for your company or home PC that has it’s own chat room.
• It’s safer.
There is no need to send personal information through a software that you are unsure of,

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Message sequencing for direct to Google drive. Customize templates and system have unlimited quota.
How to use:

Point to point messages with two receive messages to one destination on the form.
Now you can use one of the following methods. Choose one of the letter below to specify how the message will be send, one of the two methods following.

You can send or receive messages from your own machine directly to the Google Drive.
It is one of the two ways to use the service. The interface is very intuitive.
Let’s say you want to send a message to Alice, a user of your site. You select the contact and send a message to it. The second part of the message is “Alice – “.
The message is then sent directly to Google Drive and you will immediately receive it.

You can also send messages from the offline Google Drive to your own machine.
In this case the message has not necessarily be saved on Google Drive. It is already on your own server and you send it directly to Google Drive.
In this way, your message can be hosted by you on the server using any transport protocol (such as SMTP or IMAP).

Sometimes a message may fail to be sent using the method 1. It can only be sent using the method 2.
To do it, open Google Drive and select your message.
Go to the “Recover” menu, select “Download your files to Google Drive”.
When the download is done, you can send your message to the address you wish by clicking “Send”.

This feature can also be done on the “Additional” tab.
Simply select “Recover” from the menu, and select the messages you wish to send by selecting them.

Now your message will be saved to Google Drive and you can deliver it directly without having to send it first.

Point to Google Drive with message sequencing. You can configure templates, unlimited quota and multiple receivers.

As of 2.5.0, when you send a message to a single user on Gmail, the message will be saved in your Gmail account.

Message sequencing for Google Drive. Choose from a variety of templates, unlimited quota and unlimited number of recipients. With a custom logo, you can create a link to your Drive

How to use:

1. Create a new template.
Go to the templates section of the “Add-ons”.
Select “Add New


Tranzit is an open, multi-platform windows network chat application that allows you to instant message, videoconferencing, share files, and much more with your other friends or colleagues. It is compatible with both MS-Windows and Linux platforms and offers rich features, including audio/video support, file sharing, group chat, webcam and voice notes, screen sharing, and much more.

Contact creation
You can create contacts manually or based on workgroup or organization name. Once you have created a contact, you can instant message, videoconference, and share files.
If you work within a LAN environment, you can have an instant messaging client without requiring an Internet connection.
Instant messaging
You can instantly message any contact that is connected to your LAN. You can also use tranzit to chat with contacts in other LANs or people who have public IP addresses.
Sharing files
You can easily transfer files with your other contacts. You can choose files of your choice from various popular file-sharing sites like a Soulseek, Napster or Shareaza.
One-to-many group chat
You can create group chat rooms which can include any number of contacts. Add participants to the group by sending an invitation to each contact.
Real-time video and voice conferencing
You can instantly share your desktop with your friends in a real-time video chat. You can also record a voice note of 2 minutes or unlimited hours.
File sharing
You can share files through tranzit with your contacts. You can simply select the file that you want to share and click on the “Share file” button. You can choose from many popular file-sharing sites like,,, and many others.
Chat history
You can easily review your chat logs by date, duration, and by contact name.
Chat room features
You can create a chat room and invite contacts to join. Once they are online, they can share their desktop with you instantly.
Audio and video
You can use tranzit to talk to your friends and colleagues over the microphone or video conference. You can either record your voice notes, or share a screen of your desktop in a real-time video chat.
Message filtering
You can filter your chat history to automatically filter out messages with non-intended content. You can choose to display messages from a certain source, a certain contact, or all messages from specific time

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System Requirements:

Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
A Processor with at least 2Gigabytes of RAM, 64-bit Processor or 64-bit Processor with 256-bit RAM
A display with resolution of at least 1024×768 pixels (All graphics and sound is rendered in software)
Minimum Specs:
Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit—Incl-Product-Key-Latest-2022.pdf