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Xazzle is built as an Open Source XHTML generator written in Java.
Now you can use this simple and handy instrument to help you create XHTML pages and improve your development process.


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xazzle Activation Code is a Java-based XHTML generator written in Java. xazzle Crack can be used as a Java library to generate XHTML documents without the need to perform any XML parsing.
xazzle is an easy to use and user-friendly XML editor. You can use xazzle as a programming environment in which you
add java code to define the tags (grammar) and attributes (options) of an HTML file. You can also include your own code to perform custom XML parsing.
1. Use open-source XML editor as programming environment
In xazzle you have the flexibility of combining the API of the open-source Java HTML Generator library with the
parsing code that you are interested in.
2. Extremely easy to use
xazzle automatically adapts to different users’ work, and generates all pages in one click.
3. Easy to learn and use
xazzle has plenty of help texts to guide you to create XML documents.
4. XML editing
Add code that parses custom XML to your HTML files.
5. Ultra fast
Much faster than XStream.
6. Portable
Runs in a self-contained JAR file.
The XML tags are defined using Java and you can choose to either use the Java fully defined elements from
javax.xml.parsers.* or you can create your own custom elements and attributes.
The XML attributes can be defined as Java properties. When the XML document is finally ready, it is converted to
a simple text file. You can also convert your XML document directly to HTML or directly to XHTML.
7. My package
xazzle uses the package defined in the top of the javax.xml.parsers.DefaultHandler.java to
save the documents generated.
xazzle contains an XML document for example that describes the user-defined java tags.
8. Fully portable
xazzle has been tested on any operating system including Linux, Solaris, Windows, OS X and the latest
The XML document that xazzle uses is the xazzle document, and the xazzle document is this file
xazzle.xdoc (xazzle.xdoc is a simple text file that contains xml elements and their order).
9. Support for XHTML
xazzle also can generate XHTML documents. You can get there by going to

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xazzle is a tool to help you generate valid XHTML pages using XHTML constraints.
It generates HTML pages based on XHTML constraints using Java.
* It is a top-down approach, that starts with the generated XHTML files.
* It allows you to reuse same XHTML definitions in multiple HTML files.
* It allows you to select various attributes and elements you want to reuse.
* It allows you to reuse attributes you specify.
* It allows you to reuse elements.
* It allows you to reuse text contents.
* It allows you to reuse templates and styles.
* It allows you to use conditional XHTML.
* It supports serialization.
* It can validate XHTML according to W3C validator or other validators.
* It can display error messages to user.
* You can add CSS and other styles.
* You can generate a ZIP file containing the generated files.
* It has a simple and intuitive GUI with clear and detailed settings.
* It has the following functionalities:
(*) It allows you to specify a given XHTML document.
(*) It allows you to specify a given set of XHTML restrictions.
(*) It allows you to specify a given set of attributes, elements and elements.
(*) It allows you to select an attribute or an element to reuse.
(*) It allows you to select a parent element.
(*) It allows you to specify the style of a given element.
* It allows you to generate HTML files based on the XHTML specifications.
* It allows you to generate an empty XHTML file.
* It allows you to generate a given style file using the XHTML specifications.
* It allows you to generate a ZIP file.
* It is an Open Source Java program.
* It is a free and open to all uses.
* It allows you to generate a standalone (no external libraries) executable.
* It allows you to generate a standalone.jar file.
This program is usable in single-threaded and multi-threaded environments.
And of course, you can create as many XHTML files as you want.
Latest Changelog:
Version 0.4:
* It supports serialized files.
* It can translate Java code into XHTML code in the file output.
* It can generate an XHTML file using specified XHTML constraints, with an error message if it is

Xazzle Free Download

Get a soft feel with the powerful features of Xazzle

Xazzle is a web based authoring tool that will make you a web site author in no time. It is developed on Swing Components and written in Java, so you will have the speed of a desktop application and the interactivity of a web based application. Using the interface that puts all the user controls in the same window as the visual space for the web page, gives you the ability to write web pages with all the power of a desktop author.

Using the visual layout editor (also known as visual editor) you can design your web pages with a WYSIWYG approach, you can build all the elements of a web page as you would an ordinary Java or HTML page. What makes Xazzle different is that you can create XHTML or HTML 3.0 pages from the start. You can also easily create any document using the visual editor. You can also use Xazzle to auto generate your web site from a XML database or a directory full of HTML files. It is a very powerfull XML based web publishing solution that can combine multiple pages into one file or serve individual pages. Xazzle provides the best layout and visual editing tools and it’s open source.

Xazzle Features:

JavaDoc Based WYSIWYG HTML Generator

Easy to use

Simple and easy to use

Fully support XHTML 1.0

Insert images at run time

Create many kinds of forms

Create many kinds of buttons

Insert many kinds of tables

Built in IE and Netscape specific functionality

Supports CSS

Supports XHTML

Supports WYSIWYG

Supports inline HTML code

Supports SOAP

Supports GQP

Supports XHTML code, CSS code, and much more

Supports SVG

Supports Applet

Supports JavaScripts

Supports Java Applets

Supports cookies

Supports fragments

Supports meta tag

Supports XHTML and HTML 3.2

Supports XML

Supports XML based database

Supports XSL and XSL-FO

Supports Web services

Supports XHTML

Supports web services and XML

Supports dynamic web service

Supports WSDL

Supports Internet/ Intranet

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz or better
Memory: 1GB
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