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XboxIfy Crack With Product Key PC/Windows (2022)

— Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, All distributions —
■ Bandwidth Throttling
Only one copy per min is allowed to use the bulk transfer (LAN) because it produces a high usage of the network. Therefore, the file transfer of XboxIfy will be paused for 5 seconds before continuing, if another copy is running and the maximum number of copies is already used.
Before a copy is executed, it’s a good practice to pause the file transfer for one second, because it minimizes the risk of losing of data.

■ Authentication Methods
– Generic Username/Passwords
It’s possible to transfer files with a username/password from the PC to the Xbox.
XBC is a temporary authentication method with a user and password which you can enter after you have installed a game on the Xbox.
– Steam
With Steam, XboxIfy creates an automatic transfer on first start of the program and on every program re-start.
– Xbox Games for Windows
With Xbox Games for Windows, XboxIfy is created automatically and started for Xbox software updates.
– External Software
With External Software, XboxIfy is created automatically and started after Windows has finished loading.

■ Device Configuration
Only a specific Xbox is recognized (similar to the following entries)
– Xbox 360
– Xbox 360 Slim
– Xbox 360 (RTM)
– Xbox 360 S
– Xbox 360 with Kinect
– Xbox One
– Xbox One X
– Xbox One S
– Xbox One X S
– Xbox One XS
– Xbox One with Kinect
– Xbox One X with Kinect
– Xbox One XS with Kinect
– Xbox One XS with Kinect V2
– Xbox One XS with Kinect V3
– Xbox One S with Kinect V2
– Xbox One S with Kinect V3
– Xbox One XS with Kinect V2 & Kinect V3
– Xbox One XS with Kinect V3 & Kinect V3S
– Xbox One XS with Kinect V3 & Kinect V3S & Kinect V3S & Kinect V3S Slim
– Xbox One XS with Kinect V3 & Kinect V3S Slim & Kinect V3S Slim & Kinect V3S Slim with Xbox Camera
– Xbox One S with Kinect V2 &

XboxIfy Crack [Win/Mac]

XboxIfy lets you copy files from a PC to an Xbox 360 console and vice versa.
The basic functionality requires that both the Xbox 360 console and the PC be connected to the internet via your home broadband connection.
The setup process will be easier if you already have an Xbox 360 console at home or, if you want to add a Xbox, that the console itself is available.
For more information, check the XboxIfy User Guide at:

– Copy & Transfer large files
– Maps
– Command line switches
– Messages
– Xbox 360-screen
– Command line options
– Progressbar
– Fully customizable

Other info:
– Since version 1.10, no longer includes the “UPD-TODO”.shp file.
– Use the “Options”-dialog to disable the “Delete Files” functionality and move the two files to the “Windows\TEMP”-folder. Remove the files from there manually after you’ve changed the folders.
– Since version 1.10, an option for “Auto-display my Xbox360-screen is supported. The feature is only available if the original Xbox-screen on your PC is set to an ‘auto’ resolution of 1600×1200.
– The “No case” functionality will only work if the foldernames have the exact same characters on the transfer devices – otherwise, files will not be found, deleted or moved.
– Screenshots
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Save snapshot”
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Save snapshot” –> “Save Snapshot as…” (2 times)
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Save snapshot” –> “Copy snapshot to…” (3 times)
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Save snapshot” –> “Export snapshot as…” (2 times)
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Save snapshot” –> “Export snapshot as…” (3 times)
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Save snapshot” –> “Export snapshot as…” (2 times)
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Export snapshot as…” (3 times)
“Copy & Transfer – Files” –> “Export snapshot as… as…” (4 times)
“Copy & Transfer

XboxIfy Free Download

> Copyright (C) 2003 By S. Maxson
> XboxIfy is a file transfer application for the Xbox.
> It can copy and receive files to/from a Xbox using Xbox FTP protocol.
> The program does not install any additional.dll-files into
> Windows system directory. If you want to delete the application
> completely, delete the folder containing the exe-file.
> You can either choose to send files to a specific IP-address or
> you can connect to a “hot-spot”.
> But it will not work if you don’t have internet access on your
> Xbox…
> The XBOX FTP is a custom protocol. There is not any known FTP
> server implementation available. You must write an FTP server
> implementation yourself.
> The only bug I found is, that when you copy a file to the XBOX,
> the program overwrites files, if the file already exists on the
> S.Maxson
> ————————
> XboxIfy – Version
> written by S. Maxson
> ————————
> ———————————————————————
> XboxIfy is free software.
> Licensed under the GPL version 3 or later.
> You can run it on multiple XBOXes at the same time.
> Your comments are welcome, and questions will receive helpful
> answers.
> For any usage questions or problems, contact me
> at:
> If you change something and don’t like to give me credit,
> just send me a mail and I’ll remove your line.
> Support: Get the latest version:
> Get the source code:
> ————————
> XboxIfy Version:
> Written by S. Maxson
> ————————
> Exploitation: S. Maxson

What’s New in the XboxIfy?

XboxIfy is a program designed to facilitate the transfer of files between
Windows & Xbox-PC systems. It’s currently written in java and is
operable on Windows 2000. The XboxIfy console application runs an
embedded Java application (program). When the XboxIfy console starts,
the embedded application is started as well. The embedded application
is used by Windows to transfer data between the console and a PC. The
PC application talks to the XboxIfy console application using SMTP
(Email) and a TCP (Server) connection.
The console application, XboxIfy, accepts – and sends – the files on
your PC. It supports the popular Windows FATX, ZIP, 7zip, RAR, ISO
formats, and Windows file-sharing protocol. The console application
requires no installation. The zip file contains a runnable console
application called “XboxIfyZip.exe” – which runs as a console that is
password protected. The MS “My Xbox” program (formerly known as
XboxEditor) can be used to configure the console to accept files
via the Windows-protocol. The console application allows you to
specify what files will be accepted by the server, and where they
will be stored. As well as allowing for automatic logins and console
XboxIfy is free software and can be downloaded at The license is available.

Installing XboxIfy:
To install XboxIfy, simply run the XboxIfy console application. Once
it starts, follow the prompts. If you don’t want the program to
overwrite any previous settings, simply select “No Files”.
XboxIfy is configured in the registry – HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\XboxIfy
The name of the registered.exe (console application) is “XboxIfy.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\XboxIfy\Funny Characters:


System Requirements For XboxIfy:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Mac OS X 10.8 or later, Mac OS X 10.9 or later
8GB RAM or more
2GB RAM or more
CPU: Intel Core i3 2.8GHz
CPU: Intel Core i5 3.1GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Ti
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti