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A: What is actually happening here is that you have an “autocad” that is very old (for example this is from 15). This version of “autocad” doesn’t know how to open.dwg files. You can fix this by downloading the latest version of “autocad” and installing it. Please be careful to choose the “32-bit or 64-bit” version as those are the versions your.dwg files (which you also have) will be in. The structure of the palladium-catalyzed coulometric reduction of carbonyl compounds and amino compounds catalyzed by palladium complexes containing furoxan- and chromenoxime ligands. Palladium catalyzed coulometric reductions of aldehydes and ketones in the presence of a large excess of ascorbic acid were performed in aqueous media. These reactions were carried out in a temperature controlled thermostat to prevent side reactions. The reactions were found to proceed efficiently for a range of substrates, affording the corresponding alcohols in good to excellent yields. The reaction was investigated as a function of time and with different ratios of catalyst to substrate. The structure of the palladium catalyst was determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction, which revealed a Pd(furoxan)2 core complex where the furoxan is bound at the Pd center through the five-membered ring. The species was found to contain five- and six-coordinate palladium and stabilized by a bidentate ligand. The formation of the core complex species was found to be reversible, and it was demonstrated that the catalyst could be regenerated from the core structure using solid sodium borohydride or t-butyl hydroperoxide. The reaction was found to be inhibited by the presence of both a cyano ligand and a carbonyl ligand. These results demonstrate that the rate of the reaction depends on the accessibility of the active metal center, which is controlled by ligand steric and electronic effects. The furoxan-containing complexes were found to be more active than Pd(NMe2)2 complexes containing a bis-aryl pyridine ligand. The reaction was found to proceed efficiently in the presence of excess amounts of hydrogen donor. The reaction was found to be catalitic, suggesting that hydrogen atom transfer from ascorbic acid to the substrate is followed by reductive elimination

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