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OBPLAN is a handy application that will load in your browser and can help you quickly create a business plan accompanied by a corresponding financial plan.
The software has several questions you have to answer and fields you have to fill in so as to get a proper assessment of the plans you create.
OBPLAN Description:

Animated icons for inserting, editing, and removing documents. This program is an easy-to-use Windows utility that is intended to make it easy to work with both standard Windows documents (such as word processor or spreadsheet files) and enhanced documents, such as forms and reports. It can also help automate common editing tasks that require manual labor, such as entering repeating sections of text or numbers. The software includes a menu of tools that can be used to make text bold, change the color of text, or insert various styles. Features include text layout, font-size, and color change tools; a table- and spreadsheet-formatting tool; and tools to find or replace all instances of a string of text in a document. The program can also be used to print documents and to save files to disk.January 25, 2016

A series of 15-minute PSAs will be produced as part of a public service campaign across the State to raise awareness about child and youth homelessness.

Photo credit: Flickr/Mark Wahlberg

Child and youth homelessness in Ireland has been identified by the State as a priority area for action by the Children’s Ombudsman. The plan in response to this has been to produce a series of 15-minute PSAs highlighting the seriousness of the situation, and setting out concrete ways of tackling it.

These PSAs are intended to be used in a range of local media, including TV, radio, online and social media. A number of our partners, including the Big Issue, have expressed an interest in distributing them.

The PSAs will be branded with the term #GetJug.

What is the term #GetJug used for?

#GetJug is a term being used to raise awareness about child and youth homelessness in Ireland. It was developed by our partners at Finn Bros. The Finn Bros. Store in Lidl on City Quays Road was the first to use #GetJug as part of their anti-homelessness campaign.

Who is Finn Bros?

Finn Bros. is the largest independent retailer of quality Irish produce, operating over 500 stores throughout Ireland eea19f52d2

Rhapsody is a free and open source software player that supports various digital music formats such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Opus and FLAC, among others. It is based on the GTK3 and GTK2 libraries, and supports ID3, OGG and OMA tags. The interface is pleasing, as it is extremely simplistic, with one window for viewing the track title, artist, album, and track duration.

The interface is made from a familiar window with a simple structure, where you can import songs using the file browser or drag-and-drop support. Basic audio controls include pause and stop, volume adjustment, along with buttons for playing the next or previous track. In addition, you can jump to a particular position within the audio track, create and save a playlist, open a URL, and enable an equalizer.
Other options of Rhapsody let you switch to compact display mode, enable repeat or shuffle mode, make the frame stay on top of other windows, ask Rhapsody to immediately exit after playing, allow multiple instances, register file types, and add the program to the context menu.
It is possible to read the ID3 tags of all or selected items (if they exist), enable support for ID3v2, prefer native OGG tags, load ID3 tags in the background, remember the playlist and last played item, modify the audio device, as well as establish a track delay, among others.

Rhapsody does not put a strain on system performance, as it runs on a very low quantity of CPU and RAM. It is very responsive to commands and works well, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. We have not come across any issues in our tests.
When it comes down to it, Rhapsody comes bundled with the necessary and suffice elements for playing audio tracks in a user-friendly environment.

CJKPlayer is a cross-platform media player with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English interfaces. It supports a variety of audio and video formats such as MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, AMR, MP4, FLAC, WMA, MOV, and AVI, as well as images, subtitles, and web links. The interface is made from a traditional Windows dialog box with a rather simplistic structure.

It is possible to play back your music files in a traditional manner, from a file browser window, or drag and